06/22/2006 Hosting Industry Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 06/22/2006

1and1.com Offers New RSS Tool

In their continuing effort to improve their services, 1and1.com, a well known provider of domain name registration and hosting services, announced that they have launched a new tool called EasyRSS.

The tool will make it easy for 1and1 hosting customers to create RSS feeds, and publish and promote them on their sites. According to the company, “Customers can create their own content such as news for a Web site by using the 1&1 Dynamic Content Catalog to show third-party news, create a simple podcast or create a photocast in combination with 1&1 Photo Gallery and broadcast to interested audiences.”

“However, we see RSS trickling down to the consumer and small businesses,” says John Cook, GM of 1&1. “For instance, a little league coach disseminating the team’s current batting averages and other statistics. In addition, it’s an ideal tool for podcasting and photocasting, which is very popular right now.”

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Ubiquity Releases New Hosting Tools

Whether or not you can pronounce their name, Ubiquity has some great new tools for site owners.

According to the company, “The first tool enables Web masters to connect to Web hosting provider using Secured Shell Handling, allowing them to compress and decompress files on the Web server, execute Linux bash scripts, monitor system health and other features. Security in this environment has been maintained because the Linux shell commands available to the Web master have been “jailed”, which limits the availability of potentially dangerous commands to the users.

“The second tool Ubiquity is offering is the Mono Project’s open source tool which emulates .NET Framework in a Linux Web hosting environment. The effective platform enables users to run ASPx scripting from a Linux system, bridging the gap between Linux and Windows Web hosting.
“Linux is capable of so much more than what most Web hosting companies are doing,” says Clint Chapman, CTO for Ubiquity. “We decided that the time had come to start delivering the full potential of what we offer.”


Crystal Tech Debuts New Low Priced Linux Dedicated Packages

Crystal Tech, a provider of various hosting solutions, announced that they have a new low-priced dedicated hosting solution for Linux users. According to the company, the plan starts at “$49.95 per month and offers a 1.8GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 250 GB of bandwidth each month. The server comes with software preinstalled, including CentOS, Apache, PHP, MySQL and Webmin. Customers can use the included SSH interface to configure a strong Linux online presence by plugging in their favorite applications.”

“To be able to get your own Linux dedicated server on a Grade A network with top-notch service and 24/7/365 support for less than $50 dollars a month is a remarkable deal,” said Robert Cichon, CrystalTech’s Chief Operating Officer. “When it comes to offering enterprise-level hosting solutions that are well configured, loaded with features and reasonably priced, CrystalTech continues to set the bar high.”

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InetServices Offers Unmetered Server

InetServices, a provider of hosting solutions for dedicated, managed and colocation customers, announced that they are now offering a new “unmetered server” for their customers.

The company stated that, “in an effort to better accommodate its high bandwidth customers needs, InetServices brought in a new upstream provider to create our new ‘Value Network’ connection. While its traditional ‘Premium Network’ will continue to be standard for all of our server packages, the ‘Value Network’ will be offered for those customers than need high bandwidth at an affordable price.

They also noted that, “the new Unmetered Server packages include either its Premium or Premium Plus Dedicated Server bundled with customer’s choice of 10 MB unmetered bandwidth, 20 MB unmetered bandwidth, 40 MB unmetered bandwidth, or 100 MB unmetered bandwidth. Prices start at $399/mo.”

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