06/27/2006 Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 06/27/2006

Network Solutions Launches New Site Packages

Network Solutions, a domain registrar and provider of several hosting services, announced that they are now offering several new site packages for their customers. The company stated that their new “Do It Yourself” packages will help everyone from beginners to advanced designers easily set up their own sites.

According to the company, “these new offerings include an enhanced ImageCafe Web Site Creator to help small and medium-sized businesses build, design, improve and maintain the site. It offers new page layouts and design templates, an enhanced image library with around 1,500 royalty-free images. Network Solutions also introduced professional designs that offer graphics and layouts specific to industries such as construction, remodeling, automotive repair and restaurants.

“We’ve listened to our customers – owners of small and medium-sized businesses – to gain a firm understanding of what they want to accomplish with a Web design product,” said Champ Mitchell, chairman and CEO of Network Solutions. “Our new Web site packages and the improved ImageCafe Web Site Creator give our customers the opportunity to easily create a custom, stylish and professional Web presence, by taking the guesswork out of building Web sites.”

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DemoDemo Launches New Tool

DemoDemo, a provider of hosting tutorials for public and corporate use, announced that they have premiered a brand new tool, called Order Form Tool. This is a flash based movie that will walk customers through the process of placing an order with a hosting company.

“The OFT is an effective and affordable pre-sales tool that will help increase your signup and conversion rates,” says Vito Ceniti, president of DemoDemo. “Many visitors might shy away from clicking that order button as they are not sure of what is involved. The OFT is a perfect way to show them all the steps from tip to tip.”

According to DemoDemo, “The OFT is priced at $49.95 and is fully customizable, including all text captions. The final product is delivered in Flash file format and Web hosts can submit any specific information that they would like integrated into their movie, whether it is visiting a part of the site or in the form of instructional text in the popup text captions.”

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Stargate Improves Email Filtering

Stargate, an Internet service provider located in Canada, announced that they have greatly improved their email filtering process by adding on a new solution called CAN-IT Pro.

“Our previous spam solution was not able to keep up to the ever increasing amount of spam, and updates would often fall behind,” says Chris Murray, Stargate’s chief network administrator. “While our previous solution worked, it was a one-size-fits-all spam filter. If a customer felt that their mail was being filtered too aggressively ’ or not aggressively enough ’ we couldn’t make changes without affecting every other customer. That’s all changed, though, since installing CanIt-PRO.”

According to the company, CanIt Pro “offers its users a choice of anti-spam options, including basic, intermediate and advanced filtering. Individual users can check the messages held in spam quarantines.”


SpeedFox Offers New Hosting Plans

SpeedFox, a hosting subsidiary company owned by WebsiteSource, revealed today that they are offering a range of new hosting plans that start at just $4.95 per month.

“Website Source hosting plans are geared more towards the business client with sophisticated add-ons and additional features,” says Stephanie Rosendahl, CEO of Website Source. “The SpeedFox plans are more suited for the budget web hosting market. Both hosting companies offer a ‘clean’ dedicated IP address for free and additional IPs can be obtained for $5 per month.”

According to the company, the new plans, “have no setup fees and include e-commerce software, free domain move service, a dedicated IP address, Web site templates, spam filters and 24-hour toll-free phone or online support. Additional IP addresses can be purchased for $5 a month.”


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