06/30/2006 Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 06/30/2006

TemplateWorld Premiers New Service

TemplateWorld, a retailer of site templates, announced today that they have premiered a new download service for their template users. The new service will provide a flat-rate fee which will give users access to over 500 templates in 46 distinct categories.

According to the company the templates will, “feature PSD sources files, HTML, CSS and JPG images. Additionally, templates include coded and sliced pages that are compatible with HTML editors. The service is sold in increments of 6 months for $59.95 and for 1 year at $89.95.”

“The web design industry is congested, and we felt the best way to enter the market was to provide a unique service that emphasizes ease of use, and most importantly, value,” said Shridhar Kumar, Lead Developer of TemplateWorld.com. “What’s more, we have developed products that average webmasters can actually use—unlike some sites that provide templates that are aesthetically pleasing but provide little or no actual utility.”


Verio Debuts New Back-Up Service

Verio, a hosting company, announced a new partnership with Iron Mountain Incorporated, a company that specializes in data protection. The new partnership enabled Verio to debut a new back-up service for their customers.

Users of the new service, which is internet based, will be able to back up one or several PC’s at once and monitor the back-up process as it occurs. Costs start at $14.95 for 2 GBs of backup per month, but plans up offering up to 30 gigs of storage space are also available.

“Anyone who’s experienced a data loss on their PC knows how devastating it can be. This is a big problem, and Verio offers a simple and effective solution to prevent this kind of loss. PC Data Backup is the answer to ensuring company data is easily and readily available, secured and stored for retrieval,” said Kiyoshi Maeda, President and Acting Chief Executive Officer for Verio.

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GoDaddy Launches New SSL Certificate

GoDaddy, a provider of domain name registration and hosting services, announced today that they have launched a new 6 in 1 SSL certificate for their customers. The company stated that they are the first company to offer a 6 in 1 certificate, which is priced at $69.99 for one year for the Turbo Version, or $249 per year for the high assurance version.

According to the company, the new certificate will protect up to six versions of the company’s domain name extensions, including .com, .net, .biz, .info, .us and .org. In the past, a company would have needed to purchase a separate certificate for each domain name extension.

“Go Daddy is dedicated to supporting our customers and responding to their needs,” says Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of The Go Daddy Group. “SSLs are important for gaining the confidence of online consumers. GoDaddy.com’s new certificate, backed by our 24/7 support, helps our customers save money and manage their businesses more effectively.”


Google Launches Google Checkout

Search engine giant Google finally launched their highly anticipated Google Checkout Service. This new service will work directly with merchants who have formed partnerships with Google and will allow consumers a different way of making online payments.

Currently, only companies that advertise with Google can utilize the service, and the initial roll-out has been limited to 100 companies. The new service will integrate with Google Adwords, allowing companies to enjoy “free transactions for up to 10 times the merchant’s AdWords spend.”

The new service has a separate benefit for consumers, as the company stated they can, “turn off unwanted emails from stores where you can use Google Checkout.” Analysts are concerned about this new development however, citing the fact that consumers effectively become customers of Google instead of customers of individual stores.

Google also stated that consumers can “shop with confidence knowing that your credit card number isn’t shared with sellers.”


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