07/06/2006 Web Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry news briefing for 07/06/2006

Pipex Offers New Service

Pipex, a UK based provider of telecommunications and internet services, announced on Thursday that it is offering a new consumer package. The new service, which is available immediately, offers a broadband package of 8 mgs for just 6.50 Euros a month.

According to the company, “Pipex’s Anytime calls package for £12.50 per month.” The company also stated that this new service is well suited “for new broadband users and switchers. The package also comes with free Web space and Web mail.”

“Our latest broadband and voice package is our boldest yet: offering exceptional value for money, security and a reliable online service via our high-speed network,” says Dominic Crolla, managing director of Pipex’s residential division. “With David Hasselhoff spearheading a new advertising campaign, our renewed support for Fulham FC and a new look corporate identity, we’re reaching out to an even bigger audience in the UK. We’re here to help people get even more out of their communications and broadband.”


SnapMetrix Launches New Site Monitoring Service

SnapMetrix, a company specializing in metrics for site analysis, announced on Thursday that they have launched a new web site monitoring service.

The company stated that the new, “SnapMetrics website graphs and ranks performance and reliability of shared hosts and VPS hosts by establishing actual hosting accounts and then conducts tests on several parameters of online service. These metrics include CPU speed, disk speed, web speed and uptime. Tests are preformed on 30 second intervals throughout the day and updated hourly allowing users to compare hosting services in near real-time.”

“With new online service options becoming available on a weekly if not daily basis, it is imperative that businesses use real performance and reliability metrics in their selection process. For instance, if your web conferencing service goes down in the middle of a client demonstration, within an hour you will be searching for an alternative. Having real performance and reliability metrics in advance could have changed your selection, given you peace of mind, and saved a client relationship” stated SnapMetrics President and CEO, Rick Ralston.


ICANN Reaches Agreement with NASK

ICANN and NASK, the registry for the .pl domain name extension reportedly reached an agreement that will allow ICANN to license the NASK-developed ‘e-IANA’ root zone management software.

ICANN stated that it plans to use “their e-IANA software available under a liberal, non-exclusive Open Source license, allowing ICANN to use the e-IANA system as a basis for development of an automated root zone management system that would allow IANA to more efficiently and effectively manage changes in the Internet’s root zone.”

According to NASK, “The e-IANA software, developed by NASK will enable increased automated management of the DNS root zone database. As part of the agreement between NASK and ICANN, NASK has contributed the e-IANA code base to ICANN and ICANN has committed to contribute all code modifications back into the Open Source e-IANA code base. By insuring any changes made to the e-IANA code base remains Open Source, ICANN aims to reaffirm its commitment to open and transparent processes, including those processes offered via automated services, as well as insuring the source code for an automated root management software package is available now and in the future.”


ShopSite Launches Version 8.1

ShopSite, a provider of ecommerce and catalog software, announced that they have rolled out version 8.1 of their popular shopping cart. Several new features are offered in this release, including, “PayPal Web site Payments Pro support for authorization mode, new themes and color schemes, support for the UK based NetBanx payment gateway and public/private key encryption, as well as incorporating the Advanced Encryption Standard.”

ShopSite used their developer’s status with Ebay to deliver a new product that will help their customers easily list their store items with the auction site. The company also stated that they, “passed Visa’s CISP Payment Application Best Practices validation, a set of 13 best practices designed to protect sensitive information from being compromised. CISP-validated ShopSite merchants can be assured that they are processing cardholder information at the highest security level.”

ShopSite is available for purchase from LexiConn, NTT/Verio, pairNetworks, BizLand, SiteSell, YourHost , Hometime, Ben Sherman, X10, and BroadSpire.


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