07/07/2006 Web Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 07/07/2006

Actinic Offers New Design Tools

Actinic, a UK based provider of ecommerce solutions, announced this week that they are now offering a new set of design tools for their customers. The suite includes, “Actinic Designer and is supported by Actinic Catalog Client and Actinic Business Client.”

The company states that Actinic Designer, “has a new design interface, integrates with Dreamweaver and offers Web designers a cost effective, flexible tool set for producing multiple e-commerce sites for clients.”

“Web designers have told us that they want more control over the design and functionality of the e-commerce sites they deploy, and they want to brand them as their own,” says Phil Rothwell, Actinic managing director. “With this new range of products, we are providing Web designers with what they need to produce the sites their clients require, at a price they can afford.”


Layered Technologies Launches Gaming Division

Layered Technology, a provider of hosting services, announced that they now have a new gaming division for their customers. The division is called LayeredX and can be accessed at LayeredX.com.

According to the company, the “new division will provide on-demand managed servers to game-server providers, gamers, teams, clans and communities. The system behind LayeredX combines multiple Tier 1 backbones into one blended network, and runs only on premium HP servers. LayeredX will also offer xCommand, a Web-based user interface allowing complete and flexible control over the gaming server.

“Few in the industry understand gaming as well as LayeredX,” says Andrew Mitcham, manager of gaming solutions with LayeredX and founder of DeathMatch*United. “LayeredX is committed to keeping gaming what it is supposed to be: fun, as well as technically robust.”

In celebration of their new division, the company is temporarily waiving set-up fees for all new orders.


DiscountASP Adds New Security Tools

DiscountASP, a provider of Windows-based hosting solutions, announced that they have improved the security of their network by adding the Tipping Point IPS to their arsenal.

“With the TippingPoint IPS we can provide a proactive security solution, and by offering the most reliable and secure ASP.NET hosting available, we further differentiate our hosting service in the marketplace,” says Takeshi Eto, VP of marketing for DiscountASP.Net. “While TippingPoint’s security professionals focus on protecting our network and hosting infrastructure, we can focus on innovating our ASP.NET hosting product and services.”

DiscountASP also stated that they are using, “the TippingPoint Digital Vaccine real-time inoculation service, which automatically updates the TippingPoint IPS with new filters, to block the latest security threats and exploits.”


Offshore Web Hosting Company Hit by Fire

Sealand, a large WWII missile platform and home to a secure data facility, experienced a fire this week that required the intervention of the RAF. The fire, which is believed to have started in the main power generation facility, is estimated to have caused around $1 million in damages.

The data center on the platform is owned by HavenCo, an American company. The company had formerly billed their facility as, “the world’s most secure managed servers in the world’s only true free market environment.”

One man was rescued from the platform, which declared sovereignty in 1967, and hospitalized after suffering smoke inhalation. It is believed that the man was a security guard on the platform. The fire was contained and has since been extinguished. HavenCo did not comment further on any damage that their facility may have suffered.


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