07/12/2006 Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 07/12/2006

XO Communications Reaches Milestone

XO Communications announced that they have reached a very important milestone for their company ’ ten years in business. XO is a telecommunications company specializing in delivering communication services to small businesses.

The company was formed in 1996 as one of the first “competitive local exchange” carriers under the fledgling Telecommunications Act of 1996. The company now has over 265,000 customers and brings in an annual revenue of over $1.4 billion.

“Ten years ago XO brought competition to the telecommunications market, helping to deliver more choices, innovation and better services for the millions of businesses across the country,” says Carl Grivner, CEO of XO Communications. “Our focus on innovative services and customer service has earned us the reputation for being more nimble and more focused on providing what customers actually want.”


AIT Offers Security Suite to Customers

AIT, a provider of hosting solutions, announced that they are now offering a new security suite to their customers. According to the company, the suite will include, “enterprise level firewall, intrusion detection and protection, a server scan, and upgraded anti-spam and anti-virus software.”

In addition to this suite, the company stated that they “also offer intrusion detection & protection, server monitoring, scanning service that scours machines and networks for flaws and exploits, then follows up with recommended patches or service packs and surf report that tracks employee Internet activity and lets administrators set parameters so resources are not abused.”

“A lot of companies treat security issues with an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude; then something happens to them,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s Chief Executive Officer. “That’s why we have put a premium on products and services that stop attacks before they can spread through a network.”

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HostColor Adds More Customer Help Options

HostColor, a web hosting company, announced that they have added two new support lines for their customers. The company stated that, “the new numbers 718-878-3070 for NYC and 416-548-4736 for Toronto GTA are aimed to better serve the local markets by avoiding call waiting that usually happens when consumers call the Toll-Free phone lines.”

“We see the development of both NYC and Toronto local markets as a top priority for our company and we are looking forward to better serve our customers there,” says Alexander Avramov, the Customer Service Manager of Host Color.

The company hopes that the new toll numbers will assist their customers in NYC and Toronto in receiving faster service when they need tech support.

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Cirrus Hosting Adds a Site Builder

Cirrus Hosting, a hosting company specializing in both Windows and Linux hosting, announced that they are now offering a new site builder for their customers. The new tool will be available on all of Cirrus Hosting’s plans.

The company stated that the new tool is called, “the WiseNav site building component. WiseNav is a software development package that automates much of the creation, management and publication processes for rich media content including images, text, animations, video and audio.

WiseNav uses an object-oriented approach that allows users to build Web sites, kiosk interfaces and other multimedia applications through a simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click process. The program also allows users to manage multiple projects and automate the publishing of their content to their Web sites.”


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