07/17/2006 Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 07/17/2006

HostICan Launches New Affiliate Program

HostICan, a provider of various hosting solutions, announced that they have launched a new affiliate program for their customers. Their new program differs from many competitors by combining prize rewards with actual cash for each sale.

Each referral will earn affiliates $85 and they will be eligible for iPod giveaways, music cards from iTunes and other prizes. In addition, all affiliates will be entered into the company’s sweepstakes, “2006 Toyota Scion TC & Free Gas or $20,000 in cash.”

“With HostICan, affiliates can feel confident that they are sending their traffic to a recommended host,” says Brian Lim of AffilateFuture. “Every referral earning $85 CPA commission, the company’s growth pattern since 2003 and a great reputation for competitive pricing, affiliates will find HostICan offers an unbeatable web hosting offer.”


Helm Beta Now Available

WebHostAutomation, the company behind the popular Helm control panel, announced that Version 4.0 of the panel is now available for beta use. In addition, the panel will debut at 50% off in October.

Adam Saunders, Co-Founder and CTO of Webhost Automation, the company which created Helm, said that Helm 4 offers features never before seen in the industry. He said: “These include faster, more secure communications, better backups, cross data support without the need for VPN, a single point billing system and superior notifications to customers.” However, he said that the extremely flexible nature of Helm 4’s modular design gives the ability to include incredibly powerful new features with minimal development.

“On a practical level, this means that hosting companies can create and provide unique and new services for their customers, as well as for their own business. Helm 4 will make it possible for us or developers to easily add new modules, so that webhosts can quite literally control anything from their control panel. This gives the webhost more to sell or the ability to add massive value to end users ’ both of which increase profitability.”

Mark Hall, Co-Founder and COO of Webhost Automation, said “We’ve always geared Helm towards helping webhosts reduce their costs, increase their profitability and grow fast ’ which is what every webhost wants.”


HostDepot Offers New Rollover Bandwidth Plans

HostDepot, a provider of hosting solutions, announced on Monday that they are now offering special “roll-over bandwidth” plans for their customers. All customers will be given a “bandwidth bank,” which will accrue each month’s unused bandwidth. This amount will then be added to their monthly total allotment of data transfer.

The company estimates that this new program could save small business owners as much as $700 per year in hosting costs. All of the bandwidth accrued must be used over the course of 1 year however. The company also stated that all of their existing customers will get two months of bandwidth deposited into their bandwidth banks absolutely free, as a way of saying thank you.

“The Rollover Bandwidth program is designed to help small businesses better manage their operations by banking unused bandwidth for future use, much the way any business owner would manage cash or control expenses,” said Mark Erskine, President & CEO of Host Depot. “We see many companies that underestimate their true annual bandwidth needs by choosing a low-cost plan with limited capacity, only to be hit up for overage fees when they go beyond their bandwidth capacity limits. We believe that our program will quickly deliver positive, demonstrable and bottom-line effects for many SMB web sites especially the e-commerce site on a shared hosting plan.”


netZentry Launches New Partner Program

netZentry, a provider of network security and DDOS protection tools, announced that they have started a new partner program. netZentry stated that, “the Partner PROFIT Program turns distributed denial of service protection into a revenue-generating service, rather than a cost of doing business.”

“We are proud to be launching the Partner PROFIT Program to Web hosting service providers that need better solutions to prevent DDoS attacks,” says Rangaswamy Vasudevan, CEO of netZentry. “Not only will our partners be able to bring additional security and value to their clients, they can also expect to generate, on average, an additional 20 percent in revenue from each client that signs up for increased DDoS protection services.”


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