100MegsWebHosting is a Canadian hosting company that offers a wide variety of shared hosting solutions. You’ll be able to select from five different plans that are all budget priced and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We’ll be taking a look at their Starter Plan, which is currently priced at $5 per month. If you prefer to purchase six or twelve months in advance, there is a significant discount for either option.

This plan comes with 40 megs of disk space and 16 gigs of monthly data transfer. At first glance, it almost looks like a typo, but it really is only 40 megs. This package, although budget priced, would probably be effective for a very small personal site, but not much else. In all fairness, their next plan up offers 400 megs of space, which is a little better, for just a few dollars more a month. However, given the prevelance of budget hosting companies that offer at least 100 megs, there is definitely room for some improvement with this plan. The data transfer allotment is pretty generous for this price range, so it really only falls down on disk space.

You can host 1 domain with this account and 1 FTP account is provided. Not too surprising given the size of the plan, and this is pretty standard for this price range. Only 1 email account is offered, but you will have unlimited forwarders, aliases and autoresponders, which helps a little. A shared SSL certificate is provided free of charge, but no shopping cart comes with this plan. You can however, find several open source carts that you can install on your own, so this isn’t a huge downside.

1 MySQL database is offered, and you can stream audio and video from this plan, but the disk space should keep that to a bare minimum. You’ll have to keep an eye on your databases disk space usage if you do end up using it, just to make sure it isn’t getting out of control. This is an area that many customers overlook, and it will count against your account total, so please keep this in mind. Fantastico is offered, which is a definite bright spot, but with only 1 database, you’ll be pretty limited.

Technical support is offered 24/7 via email, but no other options are available at this time. While the price is low on this plan, it’s very difficult to recommend it for any type of serious use. However, for a personal blog site or a small site for your family, it would be an inexpensive alternative to plans that go overboard with features and pricing.

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