Is 1GoodHost really a good web hosting company? Let’s find out! We’ll be taking an in-depth look at their Silver Plan, which is currently priced at $19.95 per month. They do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of their hosting plans, and in their FAQ they state that they have a 15-day money-back guarantee. That should give most customers enough time to decide if this host is really worth the money, risk free.

You’ll get 300 megs of disk space and 15 gigs of transfer, which is a little low considering the monthly price. Only 15 email accounts are provided, which again, is a little low. Considering these limitations, this plan would be best suited for a personal site, or a small business that doesn’t need a lot of disk space. The bandwidth level should be enough for sites in this category, particularly if they don’t host a lot of rich media or large files.

The control panel for this account is CPanel, but they do state that it is version 5.3, which is more than a little outdated. Let’s hope that they just haven’t updated their data in awhile, since most hosting companies are now offering version 10.0 or higher. Secure Shell Access is included, and while this package doesn’t come standard with a dedicated IP address, you can request one. 15 subdomains are provided, and unlimited FTP accounts are also offered.

This plan offers a 1Click Installation script package that includes numerous content management systems, blog apps, image galleries and much more. An unlimited amount of MySQL databases are provided, which is nice when combined with the script package. For ecommerce sites, SSL is available, but you will need to request this function on your account. In this case, if you have your own SSL certificate, you’ll need to request the dedicated IP option as well.

Technical support is offered via live chat and a support ticket system. They claim that they offer 24/7 support, but at this writing, their live chat system was not available. An email option is also offered and there are numerous video tutorials that can walk you through most common problems. A knowledgebase is also available. While this plan is priced a little higher than similar plans from other hosts there are some nice features which increase its overall value.

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Posted on 05/21/06 1:47 AM

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