AccuWebHosting offers several .ASP hosting solutions that are reasonably priced. Let’s take a look at their Windows Starter Plan.

This plan starts at just $4.00 a month, making it an extremely affordable NT solution. If you prefer to purchase a year’s worth of hosting, this option is available, but the price per month remains the same. There is currently no mention of a set-up fee in AccuWebHosting’s documentation. If this plan does not have all of the features you need, you can easily add-on components or go up to the next level of hosting.

The Windows Starter Plan has recently been upgraded to include 10 gigs of monthly data transfer. For the money, this is incredibly reasonable. The disk space is a little light at 1 gig, but for most personal or small business accounts, this should be sufficient. You can only host one domain with this plan, but you will have unlimited email addresses and FTP accounts. An SSL certificate is not included, but at this price, that really isn’t a surprise. Even with the purchase of your own certificate, you can still end up saving money in the long run.

The server operates under Windows 2003 Server and the following Windows-based applications are supported: ASP.NET, ASP SmartUpload, Dundas Upload and Mailer, ASP SmartMailer as well as several other integral applications. FrontPage support is provided as well as Microsoft Jet 4.5, Windows Scripting Host, Visual InterDev and numerous others. Considering the monthly price, these features are well worth the cost of the package.

Real Audio and Video Streaming
is supported, as well as Shockwave and Flash. One MySQL database is supported, but if you need additional databases, or if you prefer to use MSSQL, you can easily add this on for an additional fee.

Technical support times are supposed to be within 4 hours, and online documentation is provided for self-help. You can elect to use their help desk or their online chat when available. While telephone support would have made this plan perfect, it’s still hard to go wrong with the overall price and the included features.

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