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If you want to set up your own re-seller business, AceNet’s reseller plan makes it simple and affordable. For just $29.95 per month, you’ll be able to host unlimited sites on your server and manage them all through the Web Host Manager 9 Control Panel. Ace-Host also offers numerous free gifts for each new account, including free software, templates and e-books.

The Reseller Plus plan features 10,000 megs of disk space and 100 gigs of monthly data transfer. You’ll get your own static IP address, the ability to create, suspend and terminate accounts on your own. You’ll have control over SSL certificate requests, disk space modification, DNS zone modification and the ability to create custom hosting packages.

One of the best features with this plan is the ability to completely brand your control panel and documentation so that your customers won’t know you’re a reseller. You’ll have the option of including Fantastico for your customers, which is quickly becoming a feature that many consumers are looking for with their websites. Three different webmail clients are offered, as well as spam and virus protection and the ability to modify MX records.

Several different web site statistic programs are available, as well as the ability to quickly view how much bandwidth and diskspace all of your clients are utilizing. Several CGI scripts are included as well as numerous blogs, content management systems and other site utilities.

AceNet’s support is helpful, and quick to respond. They offer online chats, a ticket support system as well as email support. Their telephone support is not toll-free, but hold times are low and the staff is very helpful.

Overall, this is a great hosting package for the money and will allow you to easily set-up your own business in just a few hours. You’ll have access to the features that will help you succeed as a reseller, as well as helpful tech support and solid servers that will keep you up and running. The numerous free gifts make this hosting package an even better value.

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