If you need a semi-dedicated hosting plan, and you’re not quite sure where to turn, ActiveHost may have the plan for you.

Their semi-dedicated plan offers 1 gig of actual data space, but only 100 megs of storage for your SQL databases. For businesses that rely heavily on databases that need a larger amount of storage for their databases, this plan would not be ideal. The currently monthly bandwidth allotment is 80 gigs, and if you exceed this amount, additional bandwidth is priced at $5 per gig.

The server runs on Dual 2.4 GHZ Xeon processors and features 2 gigs of RAM. The operating environment is Windows 2003 server and the server features multiple OC-3 connections. If you’re planning on running a reseller service with this plan, be advised that you’ll be limited to 15 sites per each main account. Given the currently monthly price, this may not be a good hosting plan for a reseller, particularly when coupled with today’s bargain hosting prices.

The database is a shared MS SQL Server 2000, which once again may not be enough for larger companies. However, unlimited email accounts are provided as well as 11 FTP accounts and 10 DNS domain pointers. The amount of FTP accounts is a little strange, since you would have the ability to host 15 different sites with this plan. This limit also applies to web log-ins, so effectively, you are limited to 11 unique sites for each main hosting account.

Support is provided, but whether it is 24/7 or not is not mentioned on ActiveHost’s site. There is a FAQ and a knowledge base, as well as an online support ticket system, but no telephone support at this time. For webmasters that are not used to running a semi-dedicated server, these options may not be as comprehensive as they could be.

Overall, the steep monthly price and the limitations make this plan a good solution for a single site with extra disk space and bandwidth needs, but we would not recommend it for a reseller or high-powered site.

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