Add-ons for Dedicated Servers

In addition to your control panel, there are several third party add-ons that can increase your power in managing your server and add useful applications to make your server operate more efficiently.

Many of these third party add-ons may already be included with your control panel, but you will need to turn them on to use them. If they are not included, we will provide links where you can download the applications and get installation instructions for each of these applications.

ModMono – allows you to run .ASP and .NET applications on your Unix server. It is open source and quickly gaining in popularity. In the past, having a Unix based server meant that you were incapable of running the .NET framework, but ModMono is making great strides towards removing this problem.

Mod_Spambot – can decrease the amount of spam you are receiving on your server. If you are running Apace on your Unix server, you can stop spambots in their tracks before they index your site.

Bandwidth Module – will allow to limit the amount of bandwidth each domain on your server can use. If you are running a reseller package, this module is extremely helpful. Again, you must use Apache to take advantage of this add-on.

Tomcat – allows to monitor many different areas of your dedicated server and provides the ability to run many Java and servlet applications.

Cronconfig – – this is included with Cpanel’s Web Host Manager. Your users will be able to easily run Cron tasks from within their own control panels. This is very useful for resellers.

StatSelect – – this is also included with Web Host Manager and will allow your users to select the type of website statistic programs they would like to use. The choices include Analog, Webalizer and Awstats.

Clamavconnector – – this add-on is still in the beta stage, but it promises to reduce the amount of viruses in your inbox by scouring your email on the server before it reaches you. For users that are continually inundated with viruses, this add-on may be very useful in the future as it nears a release candidate.

AddonUpdates – – users of Cpanel can take advantage of automatic updates of all of their add-on applications automatically with this latest add-on. It is still in the beta stage, but will allow you to update every add-on you have installed on your server in one location instead of individually.

Add-ons can greatly increase your server’s abilities. If you cannot find any add-ons on your own, check with your web hosting company to see if they have any recommendations.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:26 PM

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