Advantages of Unix Hosting

Since Linux or Unix hosting packages are typically cheaper than Windows based servers, they are normally the choice for many businesses. If you are not familiar with Linux or Unix, there are some points that you will need to keep in mind before you select a Unix based host. There are many advantages to using a Unix based server, which we will detail below.


Unix is a free platform, which means that your hosting company will not have to purchase the operating system for your server. This translates into cheaper hosting fees and for a webmaster looking to save a few dollars a month, this can be a very big inducement to switch.


More applications work on a Unix platform and you will have more choices to develop your site in many different directions if you select this type of hosting package. If your site needs to grow quickly, then selecting a Unix hosting package may be your best option.


Unix servers work very well, and very quickly. Less system resources are required, which translates into less bandwidth and RAM usage for your site, which can be very helpful. Sites that are hosted on a Unix platform typically run quickly, serving content very rapidly. This means that your visitors won’t have to wait as long for pages or graphics to load.


More applications, such as CGI, PERL, MySQL and other languages were developed in Unix. This means that you will be able to run more applications on your site than you would if you selected a Windows platform. If you want to include CGI and PERL scripts on your site, than Unix is the best choice you can make.

In addition, you will be able to find several free applications for your site if you are using a Unix based server. Instead of having to pay for costly software packages for your site, you can use this money in different areas. This is one area in particular that Unix really shines above Windows. If you need anything from an autoresponder script to a shopping cart, you can normally find a free script that will function on your server. Since there are more Unix developers, this commonly means that you will be able to find more free scripts. Windows platform users, unfortunately, cannot say the same thing.

Telnet and SSH

If you like having the ability to use Telnet to monitor, run or perform tasks on your server, than Unix is your clear choice. Telnet is not supported on a Windows platform.

Now that we have covered the advantages of using Unix, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages that you may run into in a Unix based hosting package.

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Posted on 12/14/05 3:11 PM

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