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Looking for a developer level NT hosting solution? AOK WebHost may have your answer. Their Developer Plan comes in two flavors, Unix or NT, but for this review, we’ll focus on the features for their NT plan.

4 gigs of disk space are provided and you’ll get 30 gigs of monthly data transfer. This plan will allow you to host 10 different unique domains, and you can use their 30-day money back guarantee to make sure you’re happy with your selection. While their NT plan is a few dollars more per month than the Unix plan, there is no set-up fee, and if you decide to purchase more than one month’s hosting a time, they do feature price breaks.

Ecommerce sites will appreciate their free marketing package that includes, 114 CGI scripts designed for marketing your website, 1500 TrafficMonsta credits to guarantee site visitors and 500 AdRhino credits. Also included are bonus templates, scripts, software and tools that will help you build an effective and profitable ecommerce website. The free CGI scripts make up for the lack of Fantastico, but if you prefer those scripts, the Unix plan includes this option for free.

One of the nicest features of this plan is the ability to have unlimited MySQL databases. Most NT hosting plans limit you to 1 database, or at the most 5, and charge hefty fees if you want to add any more. If you need several databases, and you want to stay on an NT platform, this hosting package will be very beneficial and more economical for your needs.

The Plesk control panel is included for free with this account, and you will also have a web-based file manager for more functionality. 24/7 toll-free telephone support is provided free of charge, moving this hosting company to the front of the pack. It is getting more difficult to find this option, particuarly with hosting companies that offer plans in this price range.

With the money-back guarantee and reasonable price, coupled with toll-free telephone support, this is a plan that is hard to beat.

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Posted on 01/23/06 2:31 PM

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