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When it comes to dedicated hosting plans, you can quickly learn that add-ons and extra fees are the name of the game. What starts out as a reasonably priced dedicated server turns out to cost a great deal more than the advertised fee. This is one area where Aplus.net really excels. They’re basic dedicated server plan is just $99 per month and comes with free tech support, and a free control panel.

This entry-level dedicated server comes with an 80 gig hard drive and 1000 gigs of monthly data transfer. It runs on a 2.8 GHZ Celeron processor and features 512 megs of RAM. If you need more RAM, this package is expandable up to 2 gigs. For most sites, the Celeron processor may be sufficient, but sites with heavy traffic may need a more robust processor.

You can select between three different operating systems, which include: Linux Fedora, Unix FreeBSD or Windows 2003. The Windows platform is available for an extra fee, but you can select between the other two, free of charge. This is yet another nice feature, since many hosts require you to pay extra for Linux Fedora.

APlus also includes free managed services with this plan and they will help you get your dedicated server configured the way you want it. These services include adding clients, domains, email accounts, configuring DNS settings and more. If you’re new to dedicated hosting, this is a feature that will truly come in handy.

24/7 live technical support via live chat or telephone is included free of charge, but there are some cases where you may be billed up to $150 per hour. According to their website, the fee-based tech support covers: “Software/OS trouble shooting and repair, Custom setup and configurations, System maintenance, patching and security.”

For the money, this is a great dedicated server plan, but one that may be cost prohibitive for entry-level users if they experience problems that require the second level of paid support.

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Posted on 02/25/06 3:43 PM

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