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AYK Solutions offers a number of different hosting plans to fit many individual needs. From shared hosting plans to dedicated servers, you should be able to find the right plan in a few minutes. For our continuing series on dedicated servers for under $100 per month, we’ll be taking a look at their Intel Celeron 2.8Ghz dedicated server that starts at $89 per month.

It is important to note that AYK charges two months in advance, plus a set-up fee of $49 for this plan. According to their site, on the third month, you’ll start paying your normal monthly hosting fee. This server is in their Jacksonville facility, but you’ll be able to select between AYK’s two data centers when picking the server that’s right for you. An 80 gig hard drive comes with this server and you’ll be alloted 1500 gigs of monthly data transfer. For the money, this is a good deal, considering that many budget dedicated hosts limit their hard drives to around 40 gigs or less and limit bandwidth as well.

512 megs of RAM are included, but if you require more, the next server up, which is $125 a month has double this amount. 8 IP addresses are provided, which is pretty standard and should be more than enough for most needs. A remote reboot option is included free of charge, which is also nice to see since many companies are now charging for this capability.

You’ll be able to select the operating system of your choice from RedHat Linux 9, Windows, FreeBSD, CentOs, or Fedora. If you select the Windows OS, you’ll have the HELM control panel, while the Linux options are limited to the DirectAdmin control panel. There is an additional $19 monthly fee and a $19 set-up fee for the Windows 2003 OS. The DirectAdmin control panel is priced at an extra $19 per month, or if you prefer, you can add CPanel for an additional $40 per month. Their documentation doesn’t mention whether there is an additional charge for the HELM control panel.

If you plan to use your dedicated server to resell space, we recommend the ModernBill add-on, which comes with an unlimited user license and free installation. An additional $13.99 monthly fee will apply if you select this option. Fantastico is available for an additional monthly and set-up fee. It would have been nice to see this included, but it’s pretty standard to offer it as an add-on for budget dedicated servers.

For technical support, a help-desk is available, as well as a live chat option. There is also a knowledgebase that has several helpful articles. A toll-free number is available during normal business hours, but it was not clear if this number was intended for support requests. Overall, this is a nice plan that can be easily customized and is reasonably priced.

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