For companies interested in an enterprise server plan, it can be difficult to find the right hosting solution for the right price. Blue Hill offers several different hosting plans that are optimized for specific levels of functionality. For this review, we’re going to take a look at the Executive enterprise plan. The operating system for this server is FreeBSD, and you’ll be allowed 40 gigs of data transfer each month.

The total disk space is 3 gigs, and the account features unlimited mailboxes, complete with aliases, autoresponders and a webmail client. Spam Assassin is offered for all accounts. You’ll have the ability to resell the space on your server, and this package offers unlimited virtual hosting.

For ecommerce solutions, a shared or unique SSL certificate is available for an extra fee, and if you need an advanced shopping cart, Miva is available for an additional fee. An online control panel is provided, as well as Frontpage extensions, and password protected pages. Many dedicated and enterprise plans feature at least a free shared SSL certificate, which moved Blue Hill down a little lower in our ranking.

Also provided with all new accounts is the Rembrandt Sitebuilder software package. This allows you to easily create a website, online forms, edit images, add page foots, include banners and much more. If you do not have experience building websites, this software package will be very useful. You are limited to 10 primary and 6 secondary navigations levels with this utility, which may not make it useful if you have a large site.

Flash, Quicktime and Shockwave are supported with this package, but Windows Media files are not. If the majority of your files are in this format, you may need to consider upgrading to Blue Hill’s Dedicated Plan. You will however get a unique IP address as well as Samba.

The month-to-month fee is $104, but this drops significantly if you purchase an annual plan. The set-up fee is currently $30, but if you need more than one account, you will only need to pay the set-up fee for one accout. Support is offered through your control panel and Blue Hill offers several tutorials and hosting guides.

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