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Boom’n Hosting made the news recently with their iPod giveaway, which we wrote about in our 05/03/06 Hosting Industry Briefing. Let’s take a look at their hosting plans and see what they have to offer. For this review, we’re going to focus on their Deluxe Hosting plan, which is eligible in their special drawing, but only if you purchase six months of hosting in advance.

This plan offers 10 gigs of disk space and 15 gigs of monthly bandwidth for $24.95 per month. In addition, there is a $15 set-up fee, so you’d have to pony up quite a bit of cash just to qualify to enter their drawing. Overall, the disk space and bandwidth limits are a little low for this price range, and Boom’n could probably increase their customer base if they dropped this prices just a bit. You can host up to 20 sites under one account and unlimited subdomains are also available.

300 email accounts are offered, which again, is a little low considering the price. The typical autoresponders, mailing lists and forwarders are all unlimited, and webmail access is provided. FTP access is available 24/7 but it would seem that only one account is available, making it more difficult to use this plan for a reseller business. Plesk 7.5 is the control panel for this account and several free scripts are included, such as blogging utilities, shopping carts and more. A free shared SSL certificate is provided, which is always nice to see. An unlimited amount of MySQL databases are also provided, which slightly redeems this plan’s overall ranking.

Support is offered for PHP, Perl, ModPerl, ModPython, SSI and custom error pages. Front Page 2002 extensions are supported and you’ll have the ability to schedule your own cron jobs. One major thing lacking from their plan information page was information about the available technical support for this plan. They do have a contact form on their site, but it was not clear if it was usable for technical support issues.

The bottom line – this plan needs a little work before it can truly stand as a competitor against the major hosting companies. While running an iPod giveaway is a sure way to get attention, a hosting company needs to back up the gimmick with a solid hosting plan, and this one misses the mark. With just a little work however, they would have been ranked higher in our directory.

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