Important Budget Hosting Considerations

Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of budget web hosting, let’s put all of this information together to form some important points to consider. These points will help you make a well educated decision on your hosting company.

Will I have enough features? Budget hosting typically does not include free shopping carts, additional applications, database support or the ability to run PHP. If you need these features, you may need to look at a regular hosting company. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a place to host a very simple site, budget hosting is a cost effective alternative that can provide exactly what you need for a lot less money.

Will I get the support I need? Since many budget hosting companies don’t have the resources to offer around the clock customer service and support, you can be left out in the cold should you have technical problems with your site. If you are new to building a site, this can be especially maddening if you have to wait for the next business day to get an answer to a problem that needs your attention right now.

If you are worried about getting enough help should a problem arise, try to find a budget host that does offer full support options. If you are unable to find a budget host that fits your needs, you may need to go with a general or specialized hosting company that can provide this support.

Will I have to purchase extra disk space or bandwidth? As we mentioned in our disadvantages section, many budget hosting plans do not include adequate amounts of disk space or bandwidth. In fact, many times this is intentional to ensure that you will need to purchase either one, which can be very costly. Some companies charge as much as .20 per additional megabyte of data transfer. This can quickly add up if you have a busy site.

Is the host reputable? Many fly-by-night organizations have sprung up, offering budget hosting solutions. Do some research on search engines to see if anyone has been burned by the hosting company you are interested in. Many of these companies charge for a year’s worth of hosting in advance and then never produce the information that will allow you to upload your site to their server. If the company will not respond to you, you can be left out of money and faced with having to find another host, which means an even greater expense for you.

By taking the time to weigh all of these options, you can discern if budget hosting is right for your website. There is no reason to overpay for features you do not need, and budget hosting offers a great alternative for individuals and businesses that just need a place to put up some basic information.

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Posted on 12/13/05 7:39 PM

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