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CI Host has several different hosting plans, and their Linux Starter plan appears to be fully featured, but this is definitely a host where you will need to read all of the fine print in their agreement before signing up. As with all hosts who offer “unlimited bandwidth,” caution is always warranted.

The starter plan includes 3 gigs of disk space, and unlimited email accounts, as well as unlimited autoresponders, and mailing lists. 12 FTP accounts are included with this plan, and you’ll be able to administer your site through CI Host’s online control panel. 10 MySQL databases are included with this account, but you will not have SSH or remote access to your server, which is to be expected when you’re dealing with a shared hosting plan.

$800 in free software is offered and a free domain transfer can make it easy to switch. This plan does not offer a free SSL certificate, but if you need this, you can easily select one of their higher priced plans. The monthly price is rather high, given the prevalence of budget hosts. For the amount of features that are included with this plan, unless you elect to pay for a year’s hosting in one sitting, you could easily do well elsewhere. Another downside is the set-up fee, which is $25 for the starter plan and goes up to $50 with their higher priced plans.

Now, onto the fine print. Although they advertise this plan as having unlimited bandwidth, if your site uses more than 20 gigs per month, you could be hit with some unexpected charges. According to their plan agreement, if you exceed this amount, you will have to pay $10 for every gig over the 20 gig allotment. This is not in line with the majority of hosts who normally charge anywhere from $1 to $5 per gig for overages. If your site sees a spike in traffic, you’ll be given two days to remedy the situation. If after that two days your traffic is still high, you’ll be forced into paying for the extra bandwidth. If you don’t pay it within seven days, your site will be shut down.

Overall, this is not a very good value for the money.

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Posted on 01/14/06 10:25 PM

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