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Concentric Hosting’s Enterprise Plan has a lot to offer, particularly for ecommerce websites. If you have been considering switching your current hosting company or if you need to develop a new ecommerce site, this plan is definitely worth a look. Concentric offers several different levels of hosting plans, and if you don’t need all of the features in this plan, you can easily find a lower priced solution for your needs.

Since this package is geared towards ecommerce sites, we’ll start with the new account bonuses. When you sign up for the Enterprise plan, you’ll receive a $150 bCentral List Builder credit, a $100 GoogleAdWords credit, and a $50 bCentral Submit It! Credit. This package offers integration with PayPal ECommerce, as well a suite of free e-commerce and web applications.

You’ll get 2000 megs of disk space, which should be plentiful for most ecommerce sites, depending on the size of their databases. DDOS protection is provided, as well as virus and spam blockers, which is beneficial for companies that are frequently inundated with either. You can select to have your site statistics emailed to you either daily, weekly or monthly, or you can use your own stats program since you’ll have access to your raw log files.

The amount of bandwidth is generous for this pricepoint, currently set at 90 gigs per month. This should be sufficient for most ecommerce sites, and you can elect to add on more if necessary. A shared SSL certificate and 128-bit encryption is offered, as well as an online web site builder if you do not currently have a web design program. Concentric also features a 24/7 in-house support team which is available to help you with any problems you may experience, either by telephone or by email.

If you’re not quite ready for a dedicated server, but still need advanced features, this plan is well worth the money. You’ll have 90 days to make up your mind, with their current money back guarantee, leaving you more than enough time to test out all of their features to make sure they are working for you. Most Windows based hosting packages that offer these features pack a much higher monthly price.

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