Conserving Disk Space on Your Server

If your current hosting plan doesn’t provide you with enough disk space to store all of the files you’d like, and upgrading isn’t an option, there are several ways that you can conserve your disk space to make the most out of your situation. Here are just a few hints to help you stay within your limits.

1. Compress your files and your images

While this may not save you a lot of space, it may add up over time. Try to use an html or image compression program to squeeze down the file sizes. You can also use many different graphics programs to do this automatically when you save your file. Instead of selecting the highest quality for jpeg’s, try a medium setting. You may experience a little bit of image degradation, but the overall file size will be smaller.

2. Reduce the amount of graphics

If your site is graphic intensive, try to find other ways to display your information. For example, if you’re using a graphical divider to separate your content, you can use a simple HTML line instead. This will save you the extra space on your server and will also help your pages to load much more quickly.

3. Serve your images from a free image hosting service

If you don’t want to cut down on the quality or amount of images on your site, you can upload them to a free image hosting service, such as Simply link to the image stored at this free service and it will display on your page. Keep in mind that some bandwidth limits may apply, but if your site doesn’t have a great deal of traffic, this solution should work quite well. You may also want to read through your hosting company’s terms of service agreement to make sure that this type of image hosting is not prohibited.

4. Purge old content

One of the most common space related issues happens when you forget to delete old files from your server. Regularly check through your server to see if you still have old image or html files that are no longer available to the public. You can save a copy to your hard drive just in case, and then delete them from your server, freeing up the space.

This is also useful if you are running a discussion forum. Try to keep only the last 30 days of discussions available on your server and delete older conversations. Most discussion board applications have a purge feature that will allow you to do this automatically. This is a great space saver.

For community sites, if you allow your members to have custom avatars, make sure that they are serving them either from their own servers or from a free image hosting service. This will cut down on a lot of storage problems.

With just a few easy steps, you can conserve your disk space and stay well within your host’s limits.

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Posted on 03/28/06 9:57 PM

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