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With Crown Hosting’s variety of shared hosting plans, they have solutions for just about everyone. Whether you need a budget-priced personal site, or you need a more robust hosting plan, they should have you covered. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their Business Plan, which is currently priced at $12.95 per month. This is a pretty good price for a business hosting plan, but will it offer enough features for a true business site? Let’s find out!

You’ll get 1 gig of disk space and 20 gigs of monthly data transfer, which is decent, but a little low by some standards. Budget priced shared hosting is such a competitive field that this plan would probably do better if it had a little more monthly bandwidth. You can host an unlimited amount of domains with this plan, as well as unlimited subdomains, which is nice to see. Unlimited email addresses and FTP accounts are offered, and the usual unlimited autoresponders and forwarders are also included.

CPanel is offered for the control panel for this account, and you will also get an unlimited amount of MySQL databases. Fantastico is included with all of their shared hosting accounts, so it’s nice to see an unlimited amount of databases included so that you can really use Fantastico to its full ability. Too many hosting companies limit the amount of databases when it comes to business hosting, so this is definitely nice to see.

Nightly backups are offered and technical support is available through their online help desk. Unfortunately, Crown Hosting does not specify their hours of operation for their technical support team, and this did affect their overall ranking in our directory. However, given the price and the amount of features, this plan is still a good value for the money.

This plan would have received an overall higher ranking if Crown Hosting had included a money-back guarantee, as well as more information about their hosting plans. The features are great, but a little more information on their site would help package their plans to potential customers a lot more effectively.

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