If you have been looking for an NT host that supports all of the latest ASP advances, DailyRazor has several plans that may work for you. This company supports ASP.NET 2.0 and the .NET Framework on all of their hosting plans. Let’s take a look at their .NET Reloaded plan to see what it has to offer.

This plan starts at $37.95 per month, but there is a savings if you decide to purchase six months to one year of hosting in advance. You’ll get up to 6 gigs of data storage and 100 gigs of monthly data transfer. A dedicated IP address is provided as well as support for SSL certificates. However, a certificate is not provided with this account, so you will need to purchase your own if you intend to run a secure site on this server.

The operating system for this plan is Windows 2003, and you’ll be able to manage your site using a web based control panel. DailyRazor does not mention what this control panel is, so you may want to check with their sales department if this is an area of concern for you. Support for PHP 4.0 is provided, as well as SSI.

You can host up to twenty domains from this account, and you are allowed unlimited subdomains, ftp accounts, and parked domains. Classic ASP 3.0 is supported as well as FilesSystems Object, Mobile Internet Toolkit and several other utilities. SOAP and WSDL support is also provided and you’ll be able to access your global.asax and web.config files. Numerous .ASP components are also included with this account.

One 500 meg MS SQL database is provided, as well as 20 MySQL databases. Many NT hosts fall down when it comes to offering MySQL databases, and if they are supported, they usually come with a high price tag. It’s nice to see this many databases offered with an account. A free web-based MS SQL manager is also included and you’ll have unlimited DSN’s.

Support is provided 24/7 via an online ticket system, and you’ll also have access to an extensive knowledgebase and a helpful FAQ section. This plan should provide you with more than enough resources to get your NT site up and running in no time, and it’s currently priced extremely well for the available features.

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