If you are in the market for an advanced Windows-based hosting plan, Datapipe certainly delivers. However, their set-up fees, account add-on costs and overall high fee may keep many customers away. Let’s see if a hosting account at Datapipe is really worth the money. For this review, we’re taking a look at their Advanced Windows Hosting plan. Several other plans, including Cold Fusion and Reseller plans are also available.

This hosting plan offers 500 megs of diskspace, 35 gigs of data transfer, 50 email accounts and the standard control panel. If you need SQL for your site, you can expect to add an extra $50 a month to your hosting fee. This is somewhat excessive, given that you can find other Windows based plans with SQL support for much less per month.

What really makes Datapipe shine are the following pre-installed components: AspUploadâ„¢, AspGridâ„¢, AspJpegâ„¢, AspEncryptâ„¢, AspJUploadâ„¢, AspMailâ„¢,
AspDNSâ„¢, AspMXâ„¢, AspNNTPâ„¢, Adminâ„¢, AspImageâ„¢, AspFileâ„¢, AspConvâ„¢,
AspSockâ„¢, PanelBarâ„¢ and many more. If you are serious about developing Windows applications, or if your site requires any of these features, this plan is certainly worth the extra money.

Urchin Statistics are included with this account, as well as full support for .NET and .ASP. FrontPage is of course, supported as well. This shared hosting plan does limit the amount of sites on each server to 20, to make sure that resources are not bogged down.

US and UK customers will appreciate the 24/7 toll-free phone support and the optimized servers that guarantee your site will run smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Overall, this is a nice plan, but it is possible to find a more competitively priced plan in the current market. The included applications make this price more palatable, but this hosting plan would work best for serious developers or high-end sites that rely heavily on the .NET framework.

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Posted on 01/11/06 12:24 AM

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