Debut of In Your Corner: Hosting Dispute Resolution

Web Hosting Information Offers Free Hosting Dispute Resolution Service announced today that they are including a new segment in their popular weekly podcast. This “In Your Corner” segment will assist listeners in resolving hosting disputes with their hosting companies. Listeners are encouraged to submit their hosting company grievances for assistance in coming to an amicable resolution.

According to the host of’s podcast, Casey, “Too many people experience problems in getting their hosting issues resolved with their hosting companies. We hope that this new segment will provide our listeners with a much needed venue to air their disputes and find the help they need. Our listeners deserve to have their voices heard.”

This feature will also be made available on the main site for, where visitors can submit their problems and ask the experienced staff for help in resolving their issues. Whether a hosting company hasn’t performed up to expectation or if they received money and did not supply the agreed upon services, is there to help.

Each weekly podcast also answers hosting questions from listeners, provides a recap of industry news, and digs up hosting specials that you need to know about. Whether you are looking for a great hosting deal, or you just want to find which hosting companies are the best in the industry, you can get it all for free at

This weekly podcast is available on iTunes, or on any RSS feed reader of your choice. You can also listen to the free audio stream right from your browser. Just visit to subscribe or listen to this free and informative podcast.

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Posted on 03/12/06 4:30 PM

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