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The dedicated server market is competitive and has become more so in the past two years. This translates into lower monthly costs for dedicated server plans and more tech support to keep them up and running. Let’s see how Dedicated Central’s plans stack up to the competition.

Their starter dedicated server plan runs on Fedora Linux and is currently priced at $149 per month. Dedicated Central’s servers are Dell PowerEdge 750’s which feature a Pentium 4 2.8 ghz processor, 512 mgs of RAM, 160 gigs of disk space and 2000 gigs of bandwidth each month. 5 IP addresses are also included with this plan. If you prefer not to use Fedora Linux for your server, you can select their RedHat ES Linux server for $179 per month or their Windows 2003 server for $179 per month. These charges are competitive, particularly for the Windows-based server.

You’ll have full root access to your server, as well as a traffic monitor, free access to Command Central, free repair if your server goes down, burstable bandwidth, free OS updates and patches and 24/7 managed support. Plesk Server Management and Urchin Web Analytics are also provided with all of Dedicated Central’s server plans, as well as automatic remote reboot.

A DC Sentry SOHO Firewall is included, but this host recommends that you add on the Pro version for your security. A DC Spam Filter is included, but you’ll only be able to run it on 30 domains. For Windows-based dedicated servers, free anti-virus software is included, and network intrusion detection software is included on all servers.

Dedicated Central’s servers are monitored 24/7 and a security guard is present at the facility 24/7 as well. They use a UPS back-up system, a generator, multiple OC12 lines and video camera surveillance to make sure that your data stays safe. Centralized back-up storage is also included with these plans.

As dedicated server plans go, these plans from Dedicated Central offer a competitive amount of features and support for the monthly fee. This is a good value and should offer enough space and data transfer for most websites.

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