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Digital Zones offers three different reseller plans that pack in a lot of features and still come in at a competitive price. In fact, their largest reseller plan, the BR-II, offers what many budget dedicated servers do, for a lot less money. Let’s see what this plan has to offer.

Starting at $69 per month, you’ll get 15 gigs of disk space and 100 gigs of monthly data transfer. If you need to add an additional block of disk space or bandwidth, this can be done through Digital Zone’s reasonably priced add-ons. You’ll be able to host an unlimited amount of domains with this account, and you’ll get 50 dedicated IP addresses. This is a fantastic feature and one that makes Digital Zones stand out from their competition. Many dedicated hosting options only provide you with 8 IP addresses, so this is extremely nice to see.

You’ll get your own control panel for managing your server and your clients will be able to use what Digital Zones calls an anonymous control panel so that you can completely brand your hosting company. This is yet another nice feature for resellers. Fantastico is supplied as well as other tools that you and your customers can use to manage and improve their sites.

Two different shopping carts, Agora and Akopia are provided free of charge, and you’ll also get an SSL server with this plan. Unlimited MySQL databases make it easier to build feature rich hosting plans for ecommerce or basic customers, and there are no mentioned limits on the size of these individual databases. A MIME type manager is included and streaming is supported for Shockwave, MIDI, as well as Real Audio and Video files.

Support is limited to email support for the main account holder, so you will need to provide your own support services for your clients. This is a downside, but not an uncommon one with reseller hosting packages. While we would have liked to have seen more support options, the overall low price and the 30-day money back guarantee helped Digital Zones receive a decent ranking.

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Posted on 04/5/06 1:48 AM

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