DiscountAsp makes it easy to shop for Windows hosting by offering only one package. Let’s see if the old adage “do one thing and do it well” applies to this hosting company. The disk space limit is currently set to 750 megs, up from a previous 550 megs. 20 gigs of monthly data transfer is provided, and you’ll get three FTP accounts with this plan. For most sites, this should be sufficient, but large sites with several contributors could run into problems.

ASP.NET 2.0 and 1.1 are supported, and support for the new .NET Framework is now being provided. You’ll even be able to use their real-time .NET Frameworker Chooser tool right from your online control panel. FileSystemsObject is provided, as well as a mobile internet toolkit.

Support for audio or video streaming is provided, and Flash and Shockwave support is available for this account. MS XML 4.0 is supported, as well as Perl v5, WSE 2.0, SQLXML 3.0 and PHP4. If you use MS Access 2000 for your database, you’ll appreciate the inclusion of this feature, as well as the unlimited amount of DSN’s. If you need MS SQL 2000 or 2005, this can be added for an additional fee. MySQL databases are also optional.

Their available features for ecommerce are too numerous to list here, but for a short list, you’ll get RichHelpTip v.1.1, RichSlider, Websupergoo, Obout Tree View, IE Tab Strip, Persists ASPUpload, Advanced Intellect mail client, Office Web Components and much more. This package is truly made for sites that rely heavily on Windows applications for their business and their website.

Support is provided via email 24/7, but no toll-free telephone support is being offered at this time. Billing support is also provided through email, but is subject to regular business hours. This is a feature that could definitely be improved, particularly when their website states that they do not offer programming assistance and all technical questions are prioritized before they are answered. While a support forum is provided, DiscountAsp could certainly do a little more for their clients.

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