Do You Need a BBB Seal on Your Ecommerce Site?

If you are a new company on the Internet, or an established business that is developing a new online presence, it can be very difficult to establish a good level of trust with your potential customers. The Internet is full of fly-by-night companies and many consumers are wary of shopping online. What can you do to assure your customers that you are a legitimate business?

The Better Business Bureau Seal program BBBOnLine is one way to let your customers know that your store is a safe haven for them and that they can trust your company. The majority of consumers are familiar with the BBB and they know they can trust a company that uses the seal program.

This program requires your company to adhere to a set of standards and practices that have been developed by the BBB. These include becoming a member with your local BBB, responding promptly to customer complaints, abiding by the BBB code for online businesses and having a satisfactory record with the BBB if you have been in business for over one year. You will also need to provide current contact information for your company to the BBB.

If you fit these qualifications, you are ready to apply for your own BBB seal for your website. If you are not currently a member with a local BBB office, you can sign up while you are applying for your seal. The cost of your seal will be determined by the size of your company. You can check with them before applying online to see how much your seal will cost. Once you are accepted into the program, you will be able to display this seal in a prominent location on your website.

In addition to the BBB Seal of reliability, the BBB also offers the BBB Privacy Seal. This seal requires you to post a privacy policy on your website that follows the BBB guidelines, submit to a comprehensive review of your practices and be subject to monitoring by the BBB. In exchange, you will be allowed to post the BBB Privacy Seal on your website to let your customers know that you are dedicated to protecting their privacy.

Does your website need either of these seals? If you are worried about attracting new customers or you can’t seem to translate your clicks into sales, you may be able to improve your business by participating in these programs.

Try checking with your local BBB to see if this program is right for you. The BBB website also provides additional information that will help you with this decision.

Customer trust is a hot commodity, and one that can be hard to earn. You can make this process much easier by showing your visitors that you are absolutely committed to above-board business practices by participating in the BBB seal programs.

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Posted on 12/14/05 9:58 PM

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