Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

Making the decision to move to a dedicated server can be very costly. If you are used to paying less than $30 a month for your current hosting package, the price tag of a dedicated server can easily cause sticker shock.

Before jumping in, take a minute to decide if this is a step that is absolutely necessary. Many companies offer shared hosting plans that rival the features and space of a dedicated plan, at a much more reasonable price.

Dedicated hosting is expensive simply because you alone will be absorbing the cost of running an entire server. Instead of sharing these costs with several other customers, you are the sole inhabitant on your dedicated server.

First, you will need to decide if the options that are offered in a dedicated server plan are what you need or just overkill. If your main concern is bandwidth, and you have continually exceeded your current data transfer limits, this may be your only option.

Disk space is also another concern facing many shared hosting customers. If you are storing or plan to store large audio or video files, or a large database, you may not have any other choice. If you are not sure how much disk space you need, you can estimate this by taking a look at what you plan to host on your site and adding up the size of your different files.

Security complaints are another reason that many companies decide to make the switch. It is much more secure to have your customer’s data on a server where only you are allowed access. If you are worried about losing your data or putting your customers at risk for identity theft, a dedicated server can certainly offer a great deal of peace of mind.

Having the ability to run more applications is also a plus to having a dedicated server. Since you will have more space and more resources, you are usually much freer to install what you like, when you want to. You don’t have to worry about causing downtime for others with unstable applications.

Technical support for a dedicated server is usually more comprehensive. Since you are paying more, you can expect a lot more from your host. Most companies that offer a dedicated hosting solution also offer incredible support options.

Making this decision will not be an easy one. Shop around for the best deal on dedicated servers before you make up your mind. These prices are dropping and you may be able to find a dedicated package for just a little more than you would spend on a shared hosting package.

Although dedicated servers are expensive, they are usually much cheaper than running and maintaining a server at your own locations, which may the only viable alternative if you have outgrown your shared hosting package.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:37 PM

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