Do You Need a Firewall For Your Ecommerce Site?

Even though you may think your server is safe from hackers, you may actually be very mistaken. If your server does not offer a firewall, you could be exposing your business and your customers to some very real dangers. Let’s take a look at why firewalls are essential for ecommerce websites.

Customer Information. If you have a database that contains your customers email and physical addresses, you should be treating this information as though it were priceless. In fact, it is priceless to your customers and you owe it to them to make sure their data is as safe as possible from prying eyes.

Credit Card Numbers. Many shopping carts temporarily store credit card information, either in a temporary directory or in a database. Many companies have gone out of business after a hacker successfully cracked into these files.

You could be putting your customers at risk for identity theft and costly credit card theft if you do not take steps to ensure that this information is kept safe.

Proprietary Information. If you have an area of your site that is not visible to your customers, but it used by your employees or yourself to store proprietary information, you could be setting yourself up for a very large disaster. Corporate espionage is alive and well and many people never even consider this while they are posting their information.

Granted, if your site sells lava lamps, you may not be at risk for corporate espionage, but if you do have sensitive company information stored on your server, you certainly do not want it to fall into anyone’s hands, whether they are a spy or a hacker.

Integrity of your Site. Hackers just love to have fun with websites. Some hackers will change the information on your site, just to see if they can. You could be waking up to a nightmare if a hacker posts something objectionable on your website for your customers to see.

This can quickly run you out of business, and at the very least, result in a bunch of offended and unhappy customers, depending on the type of information that is posted to your site.

Many high profile companies, such as have fallen prey to this problem. Many more small sites that don’t generate a lot of publicity have also had this happen. A malicious hacker can do a lot of damage if you don’t prevent their access to your site.

Having a firewall in place can protect you from the above occurrences. There are rarely solutions that will work 100% to provide absolute protection, but having a firewall certainly moves the odds more in your favor.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:33 PM

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