Does Your Hosting Company Invoice You?

When you are setting up your site, you may actually be creating a tax deduction, depending on the type of site you plan to run. However, in order to include this new deduction on your taxes, you will need to be able to provide invoices that prove how much you have spent on your new website.

Many people do not realize just how important receiving an invoice from your web hosting company can be. Even if you are not running a business, there is more to think about with invoicing than just tax deductions.

The vast majority of web hosting companies auto-bill their clients each month. This means that the amount you are paying for your site is deducted each month from your credit card. Since you agreed to allow this in your hosting contract, you may not even be notified when this charge is made.

If you forget about this charge, it can be quite easy to have a banking disaster or credit card overage. It is extremely easy to forget a hosting charge, even if it is for a large amount. If you are not prepared for this charge, you can end up with a nasty surprise if your payment does not clear and your site is taken down.

However, even though most companies do auto-bill, it can be difficult to find a company that provides an invoice, either before or after they charge you your monthly fee. It is very helpful to have a host that lets you know about an impending charge ahead of time. If it is necessary, you can switch credit cards or payment methods if your current method cannot handle this charge.

If your web hosting company does provide an invoice, it will most likely not be mailed to you. You should however, receive your invoice in your email, or have it posted to your account area where you can easily print it.

Having an invoice is helpful for more reasons than the two major reasons stated above. If you are worried about unauthorized charges appearing on your credit card statement, it is very helpful to have an invoice handy for all of your purchases, even your website, while you are reconciling each month’s statement.

If you are worried about a host billing you too much, or too often, an invoice will provide you with more recourse, should this occur. Although the majority of hosting companies are ethical and do not overcharge their clients, there are a few companies that seem to make this a frequent practice. Having an invoice will help you to see exactly what they claim you are being charged and what you are, in actuality, being charged.

Fees for additional services, or exceeding your transfer limits should also be included in your invoice. You can easily keep track of extra expenditures and make sure that you know exactly what you are being charged for your site. Many people have realized too late that they went over their limits and they end up with an unexpected $500 charge on their credit card.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:36 PM

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