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With a cute name and appropriately cutesy titles for their hosting plans, Doggone Technology offers everything from budget hosting to reseller solutions. Let’s find out if there is any substance behind the cute name.

The Pup Plan starts at just $1 per month and features 100 megs of disk space and the ability to host two domains. The bandwidth is unmetered, and unfortunately, their terms of use agreement does not specify just how much transfer is really provided. They do however state that they monitor transfer amounts and if your account exceeds typical usage, they reserve the option to either disable your site, or charge you a deposit on the amount of bandwidth you are expected to us. This said, we can only recommend this particular plan for very small sites that do not see a great deal of traffic. Doggone Technology does offer other plans with specific limits that are well suited towards sites with larger needs.

A web-based control panel is provided as well as unlimited email and FTP accounts. A free shared SSL certificate is provided and three ecommerce shopping carts are availble free of charge. Several CGI scripts are preinstalled with this account and are a little better than the usual CGI library. You’ll get a discussion board, content management system, a banner rotation program, as well as the typical guestbook and counter.

Several other advances features are also available, such as unlimited MySQL databases, OpenPGP Keys Manager, support for PHP, access to error logs and more. Support is available through their 24/7 support ticket system, but at this time, that is the only form of technical support offered by Doggone Technologies.

Overall, the price is very hard to beat. If you purchase a year’s worth of hosting, you’ll even get two months free and there is no set-up fee. The features are well rounded, and the amount of scripts is nice to see for this price range. The technical support options are in-line with other budget hosts, and you’ll have some features that would typically cost much more with other hosting companies. The only major failing for this plan is the lack of information in the terms of use agreement concerning bandwidth. We recommend contacting the sales department for more information on their actual limits before going forward with this host.

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