Domain Name Appraisals

Have you ever wondered how much your domain is really worth? Many people have made a fortune buying domains and reselling them to interested parties for thousands of dollars. Is your domain worth a small fortune? There are some easy ways to find out.

Instead of fixing an arbitrary figure on your domain, it is important to weigh several different factors when figuring out just how much your domain is really worth. While personal attachment to a domain may make it seem like it’s worth quite a lot of money to you, your buyers may not agree.

There is an easy fix to this problem. A third-party, who has no affiliation with either you or your buyers, can provide an appraisal of your domain name. By taking into consideration keyword popularity, search engine rank and many other factors, these domain name appraisal services can provide you with an estimate on the actual value of your domain.

This can come in handy when you are selling your domain. First, you can price your domain a little lower than the actual estimate of worth, which can provide your buyers with a sense of value for their money, and you will have an appraisal to back-up your asking price.

There are several companies that offer domain name appraisals and here are some of the most popular in this field: uses a four point system to determine the value of your domain. Each appraisal is $14.95 and is usually delivered within five days. Your copy of the appraisal will come by email. They also offer a free service to help you sell your domain once it has been appraised. has a team of experts who will individually research your domain name’s worth. Within seven days, they will deliver your appraisal by email. You can select from three different levels of appraisals, if you need extra features. They also offer to help you sell your domain. is a high-end appraisal service, but they offer a great deal more for your money. Your domain will be researched by their experts and compared to other domains that are similar. You can also have your domain ranked by search engine popularity and your current traffic levels. Your appraisal will be delivered online, so that you can link to it from your domain name sale page. offers a $10 appraisal and a quick turn around. They will even throw in a free appraisal if you use their domain name sale service. is another budget appraisal service that will give you a free appraisal if they take longer than 48 hours to deliver the final appraisal. This service also offers an appraisal page that you can link to for your buyers.

Whether you are just curious about how much your domain is really worth, or if you are serious about selling it, an appraisal can give you a good idea of what you can expect.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:50 PM

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