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Dot5 Hosting’s slogan is “We look after our customers or someone else will,” but let’s see if what they have to offer is worth signing up.

Their Business Plan starts at $10 per month and includes 5 gigs of disk space and 80 gigs of monthly transfer. You’ll be able to have 30 sub-domains with this account, but if you need additional sub-domains, you may want to consider their VPS plans. You’ll have 30 days to make up your mind with Dot5 Hosting’s money-back guarantee. Unlimited email accounts are provided as well as forwarders, aliases and a webmail client.

Software is provided to back-up your site, and you’ll have an online control panel to manage all the aspects of your new site. Support is provided for CGI, Perl and PHP and several shopping carts are provided. Businesses will also appreciate their current offer of a $50 Overture credit when you sign up for a new account. Support for PayPal is also provided if you prefer to use this solution for your payment processing needs.

Several plug-ins are offered an include PHPNuke, Blogger, a chat utility, and a guestbook. A few Java plug-ins are also available, such as a Java clock and counter. For business sites, you’ll have a meta tag checker, an image optimizer, a report on your search engine status as well as a search engine submitter. Access to raw logs is provided, as well as a graphical site statistic program.

Set-up is currently free, all Dot5’s accounts are run off of high-performance HP servers and Dot5 offers daily tape back-ups, 24/7 network monitoring and three data locations. Several advanced features are also available, including configurable MIME types, GnuPG, URL re-directing, and custom error pages.

For their support options, Dot5 offers an online troubleshooter, trouble ticket system, email support and several online tutorials. If you run into problems, you can also try their Live Chat system. Their customer testimonials seem to indicate that support times are speedy and overall satisfaction is high.

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Posted on 01/19/06 11:52 PM

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