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Downtown Host has a unique selling point for their hosting plans. Instead of buying the hosting package, they claim that you are buying the support. From the legions of happy customers, this may be the case and it may well be worth the money. For this review, we’re going to take a look at one of Downtown Host’s reseller plans, but they also have smaller shared plans available as well.

The Silver Plan starts at $35.95 if you select the month-to-month billing option, but this does drop to $30.95 per month if you purchase two year’s worth of hosting in advance. A 30 day money-back guarantee is offered on all of their plans, so you have a little security if you decide to go with a yearly or higher billing plan. 10 gigs of disk space and 75 gigs of monthly data transfer come with this plan, which should be enough for a small reselling business. If you need more space, the next account up starts at $52.95 per month. You can however, host an unlimited amount of domains off of this account, so with smaller limits you could fit quite a few customers onto one plan.

3 IP addresses are provided and you’ll also be able to oversell your space. The DNS servers are anonymous, which is a nice feature for resellers and an account billing application is provided, making it easier to run your business professionally. An anonymous server name is also provided, which should further mask the fact that your company is a reseller. Unlimited email addresses, forwarders and MySQL databases are offered, which should help you build a very nice plan for your customers. PHPMyAdmin is included for database administration, and the plan also comes with CPanel skins to make the control panels more unique for your customers.

A script-autoinstaller is included, but Downtown Host doesn’t specify whether this is Fantastico or another similar version. A shared SSL certificate is available, which is another nice thing to offer your customers, or if you prefer, Downtown Host can install a private certificate for a one-time fee of $50. As mentioned earlier, CPanel is provided, as well as WebHostManager and you’ll have the ability to set-up new accounts instantly, which is yet another great feature for resellers.

The support options are a little limited, which is ironic, given Downtown host’s selling point. They state that the best way to contact them is by email, but a help desk is also provided. The support center includes numerous tutorials and documentation, which should be helpful, as well as a troubleshooter for self-help. All in all, this plan is reasonably well-priced and offers resellers some nice features that would be hard to find elsewhere.

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Posted on 04/16/06 1:13 AM

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