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Dream Host’s hosting packages start at $7.95 a month and they recently doubled their amount of diskspace, up to 20 gigs for their entry-level account. A generous amount of bandwidth is provided and should be enough for the majority of users. This disk space will also increase by 160 megs each week, while your account is still active. For webmasters with the need for a great deal of diskspace, this is truly an economical solution.

There is a set-up fee for all of their plans, unless you pre-pay for two years. DreamHost would probably be able to attract more customers if they did away with this added fee of $49.95. However, the ability to save 20% on your hosting costs may make the 2-year pre-pay plan worthwhile for many people.

The bandwidth amount is also generous, and like their diskspace, it will also increase by 8 gig each week. The starter level of bandwidth is 1 Terabyter per month, so you can easily increase this exponentially over time. If you have a site that may need more bandwidth down the road, this is a very good option.

Spam Assassin is included with each account, as well as unlimited discussion lists, email aliases and announcement lists. DreamHost is also providing a free domain name registration with each new account, and they have recently upgraded their services to include unlimited hosting of domains on your account as well as unlimited subdomains.

If you need the ability to stream Real Audio or Video files, this is included, as well as many other advanced features, such as support for Ruby on Rails, PHP4, anonymous FTP and several other features that are hard to find elsewhere.

The support options at DreamHost consist primarily of 24/7 online support. Telephone support is not included with their basic plan, but is available on their other levels with some limitation. You’ll also receive a 97 day money back guarantee with your new account, which will give you a chance to take all of their features for a test drive to see if you’re happy.

The downsides of DreamHost are the set-up fee and the lack of telephone support. However, overall this package is a great deal for the money and should work well for webmasters, businesses and personal users.

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