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Easy CGI has three different plan levels for their hosting account and recently upgraded their plan offerings. Let’s see what their Basic plan can do for you.

This plan comes with a Windows 2000 operating environment and was recently upgraded to include 6 gigs of storage space. For the price, that’s a large amount, particularly when compared to other budget hosts. This is certainly comparable to many Unix-based budget hosting plans, so if price is keeping you from running your site in an NT environment, this is certainly worth a second look. The monthly bandwidth allotment was also upgraded to 150 gigs per month, another generous offering.

Included with this plan are 50 MySQL databases, which is rare among NT hosting plans. You’ll have unlimited FTP and 500 email accounts as well as your own private CGI-bin directory. If your site relies heavily on CGI scripts, finding a shared hosting plan that allows this can be hard to come by, partiuclarly at this price point. Support for Perl, PHP, SSI, ASP.net 1.1 and .ASP are also provided. However, we did not see any mention of support for ASP.net 2.0 in their plan documentation for this Basic plan, nor for any of their other plan levels. This is one area where Easy CGI could definitely improve as ASP.net 2.0 becomes more widely used.

Support for Persists ASPUpload, ASPEmail and ASPJpg is provided, as well as a shared 128bit SSL certificate. This will work well for smaller companies who do not wish to have their own dedicated IP address, but larger companies who require their own SSL certificate will need to purchase their own certificate.

Strangely absent is support for FrontPage 2002 server extensions, but if you require this option, you can take advantage of it with their higher priced plans. Easy CGI offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. Support is offered 24/7 via phone or email. You’ll be able to take an online tour of their site control panel before your purchase and they also provide handy guides for setting up your website and transferring your domain.

Overall, this is a fully featured plan at a great price, but Easy CGI does have a little room for improvement.

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Posted on 01/19/06 4:13 PM

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