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EasyASP Hosting has done a great job in building several NT-based hosting packages that combine value with features that you won’t normally find at this price range. Let’s see what their Premium ASP plan has to offer.

For $14.99 per month, you’ll get a 1 gig of disk space and 15 gigs of monthly data transfer. While the disk space allotment is quite good for this price range, the bandwidth is a little low. However, most sites should fall well within this amount, so this shouldn’t be a problem. For a limited time, EasyASP is offering a special with this hosting plan that includes 3 domains and a 5 MB MSSQL database, which is nice to see. This offer is time limited, so they may not continue this promotion.

350 email accounts and autoresponders are included, which again, should be enough for most needs. This plan is geared towards businesses, and most mid to large companies should find this amount sufficient. Spam filtering is offered as well as Active Virus Protection on all of these accounts. An MS Access Database is provided, as well as a MySQL database. While we always prefer to see more than one MySQL database offered with a hosting plan, for an NT host, this is a pretty standard amount.

SmarterTools SmarterStats is offered to help you analyze your web traffic and you’ll also get support for ASP and .NET. Several other ASP components such as ASPTear and Jmail are also provided. According to their documentation, other components can be installed, but only at EasyASP’s discretion. A web based control panel is provided, as well as a web based email control panel.

For support, you’ll find a variety of tutorials and other documentation, as well as a support ticket system. Although phone support is not offered, a toll-free number is provided to check on system status. A 30-day money back guarantee comes with this plan and they offer same day set-up as well. As NT plans go, this plan is well priced and offers a nice set of features. It remains competitive with other hosting plans in this price range and is worth a second look.

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Posted on 04/10/06 1:03 AM

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