As referenced in our podcast for 04/17/2006, Easyhost is currently running a special on one of their hosting packages. The Business Power Plan is currently priced at $6.95 per month, for the annual payment option or $9.95 for the monthly payment option. The set-up fee has been waived and there are numerous other bonuses included with this special.

30 gigs of disk space are offered and the bandwidth for this plan is unlimited. Their terms of use agreement does not specify what they consider to be “unlimited” but there is a section in their Resource paragraph that states that any sites that are deemed to be using too many resources, may be asked to either upgrade their plan, discontinue the use of excessive resources, or they may be charged, according to Easyhost’s discretion. We always like to see bandwidth allotments spelled out in fine print, so you may want to check with the sales department for a better idea of what is acceptable. Most personal or small business websites shouldn’t have too many problems, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

If you need a new domain name for your site, this special includes a domain for an additional $4.99 which is pretty reasonable. 3000 email accounts are included with this plan, which should be sufficient for most sites. Urchin Stats are included for free and a Merchant Manager is also included. This tool allows you to easily create an online store without having to install complicated applications or learn a scripting language. A free shared SSL certificate is also provided, so this plan comes with pretty much everything a business needs to get started on the right path.

2 MySQL databases are provided, which isn’t a lot, but considering the price, it’s pretty standard. Support is provided for streaming Real audio and video files, as well as Flash and Shockwave. With their bandwidth policy though, it’s probably not a good idea to get too heavily involved in streaming rich media from this server.

Support is provided 24/7 through their toll-free support line, which is a great addition to a plan in this price range. You’ll also find numerous resources in their support center if you prefer to find the answer to your question on your own. A support ticket center is also provided 24/7.

Overall, for the money, this plan offers great support and some very nice tools for an ecommerce site.

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