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Elite Hosts has four different hosting plans that are geared towards resellers. For this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at their Corporate Plan, but if you don’t need unlimited domains on one plan, their Mini Plan may also be a good solution. As of this writing, they are currently offering a free iPod shuffle after three months of service, as well as the inclusion of Fantastico and RVSkins both for you and your customers. The RVSkins package is not typically included with many reseller plans, and is usually only offered as an expensive add-on.

The Corporate Plan features 18 gigs of disk space and 100 gigs of monthly data transfer, as well as the ability to host unlimited domains from one account. 4 IP addresses are included, which is great to see for a reseller plan in this price range. Typically only one IP is included unless you purchase additional, so this moves Elite Hosts up higher in their overall ranking and makes them a solid and competitive provider of reseller hosting.

Private nameservers are offered, which should allow to you create your own “brand” quite easily. Many reseller clients complain that this feature is not available with many reseller hosts, so once again, Elite Hosts scores. Unlimited email addresses, FTP accounts and MySQL databases are available, and you’ll be able to exercise full control over these options with your customers. WebHostManager is included for management of your account as well as ClientExec, a billing solution that will help you keep track of your customer’s hosting fees.

Unlike many reseller packages, you’ll be able to control nearly all aspects of your customer’s accounts, including bandwidth quotas, package modification, DNS zones, the creation of subdomains and much more. In fact, some of these features are commonly only available with dedicated hosting plans. At a price starting at just $39.95 per month, this is a very economical option for resellers.

For technical support, you’ll be limited to an online ticket system, and their knowledgebase could be improved a bit. This is probably the only area that could use improvement with this hosting company. However, given that there is no set-up fee, no long-term contracts and the amount of features that are included, this is still a solid and well priced hosting solution.

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Posted on 03/17/06 3:05 AM

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