Email replication for safety

An interesting press release came across my desk today – Adds Internet-outage Risk Protection to its Email Service.

This company, which is an independent email service provider, is now offering email replication for their customers to ensure that important data doesn’t get lost. The company’s release sheds a little more light on how this works:

“As each email arrives it is stored on both servers in real-time. Users can access the backup email server whenever the primary server is inaccessible. “For email users that rely on having access to their emails 24/7 it is comforting for them to know that if the primary email server is inaccessible there is a secondary backup service” said Sydney Low of Aliencamel.

“Computer hardware is now extremely reliable but the weak link is the Internet communications infrastructure. When these links fail a backup server that is geographically diverse increases the chance of availability” said Low.”

Interesting new feature – especially if you’re worried about the safety of your email.

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Posted on 06/16/06 3:12 AM

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