FastHost is currently offering a very comprehensive hosting plan that has a price that’s hard to beat. Let’s take a look at their Fast5 hosting package and see what they have to offer. We’ll start with the amount of monthly bandwidth, 195 gigs, which is extremely generous. Most sites would easily fall under this amount, even if they are serving audio or video files on a regular basis. The disk space for this plan is also generous, and is currently set at 15,000 megs.

You’ll get a free domain with your new account, and the ability to park an unlimited amount of domains on your server. If your site requires several sub-domains, these are also unlimited. Email accounts are also unlimited, and give you the ability to set-up as many as you may need with autoresponders, forwarders and aliases. Spam Assassin is included with this account, as well as virus protection and three webmail clients.

Fantastico DeLuxe is offered, as well as numerous photo gallery, CMS, blog and support client scripts. This makes installing these applications a breeze, particularly if you are running multiple sites on the same server. Discussion board scripts are also included, as well as a number of form mail, guestbook and miscellaneous applications. If you’re running an ecommerce site, you’ll appreciate the selection of shopping cart scripts, and account billing utilities as well as the included shared SSL certificate.

For judging your website traffic, you’ll have access to Webalizer, bandwidth amounts, AwStats, Urchin, Analog as well as your latest visitors. This account also features ftp stats, access to error and referrer logs, and the ability to access your raw log files. If you run your own statistic program, this can be very useful.

Unlimited SQL databases are provided, as well as Perl 5, PHP5, Python, CURL, ImageMagick, and support for Macromedia Shockwave, Flash MX is also included. If you need to password protect certain areas of your site, .htaccess is also provided. You can define your own MIME types and configure your Apache handlers all from your control panel.

24/7 support is offered by FastHost, but is limited to their live chat, instant messenger or help desk. Telephone support is not offered at this time. However, they do provide a knowledge base as well as full documentation. The overall rating for this host would have improved if telephone support was provided, but the amount of features, instant account set-up and low price made this host one of our favorites.

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Posted on 01/14/06 10:02 PM

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