FastWayHost is currently offering five hosting plans that may not offer a lot of disk space or bandwidth, but they do provide a lot of features that are hard to beat. Let’s take a look at their Executive Plan to see if it is worth the monthly fee.

For $20.95 per month or $226.25 per year, you’ll get just 300 megs of disk space and 15 gigs of data transfer. These allotments are a bit stingy, given the monthly cost, but as we mentioned previously, there are other areas where this plan truly shines. You’ll be allowed to host two domains with this plan, and you can currently park up to ten domains on your account. 20 email addresses are included, which again is a little light, but should be enough for most small businesses.

20 FTP accounts are offered, which should be sufficient for most site’s needs. Mention is made of MySQL databases, but there is no indication on how many are offered with this plan. If you need more than one, we recommend contacting their sales department for more information before purchasing this plan. Ecommerce site owners will appreciate the free dedicated IP address and the ability to install your own SSL certificate. It is very difficult to find shared hosting companies that include a free dedicated IP, so this helps balance out the monthly costs for this plan. In addition, a free shared SSL certificate is also provided.

Support is available 24/7 through their online ticket system as well as through email. A knowledgebase is also provided if you prefer self-help support. For this price, we would have liked to see at least some telephone support, but at the very least, you should be able to get assistance through their ticket system.

While this plan does have its drawbacks, mainly in the disk storage and bandwidth areas, it does have features that should be attractive to businesses or sites that require dedicated IP addresses and tools for ecommerce.

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Posted on 03/18/06 3:08 AM

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