Finding a reasonably priced reseller hosting plan is easy enough, but finding one that can fit all of your needs can be quite difficult. Let’s see if FeatureHosting has what you’re looking for. Currently, you’ll find several different levels of hosting plans that are geared towards specific reseller needs.

Their Webmaster Reseller plan offers 5 gigs of data storage, which should allow you to partition several smaller sites. With 75 gigs of monthly data transfer, you should still be able to offer a hosting package that is competitive with many hosting companies on the market. A control panel is offered, LPanel, which allows to you to manage affiliates and clients and also features marketing tools. The major downside is that you will have to purchase this panel in addition to your monthly hosting costs. You will however be able to take it for a test drive for 30 days to see if it is worth the cost. Other control panels are also available for reseller packages with FeatureHosting.

You won’t be limited as to the amount of domains you can host on this server and unlimited email addresses, FTP accounts and subdomains are available. Unlimited MySQL databases are also provided, which is a very nice feature for resellers. As more people become accustomed to using these databases and applications that require them become more popular, the amount of available databases is becoming an important selling point with hosting packages.

Fantastico is available as well as several pre-installed scripts, another selling point for your future customers. Daily backups are provided free of charge and a Web Hosting Tool Kit is being offered by FeatureHosting which contains a template chooser, an option to allow your customers to sign up for Authorize.net to set up ecommerce sites, a domain reseller panel and more.

The support options include a community forum, tutorials, a knowledgebase and an online ticket system. We would have liked to have seen toll-free telephone support, but all in all, this is still a solid plan and at $14.95 a month with no set-up, it will be extremely easy to get your own reseller business up and running in no time at all.

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Posted on 02/3/06 1:08 AM

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