Finding The Best Domain Name For Your Site

When you are searching for available domain names, it is very easy to become frustrated. So many domains have already been registered, you can start to feel as though you were the most un-original person in the world.

Since domain names are essential and will be an integral part of your site, it is very important to find a domain that fulfills four specific points:

1. It should be easy to remember
2. It should be easy to spell
3. It should be optimized for your success
4. It should describe what you do

How can you achieve these four points?

Easy to Remember ’ The best domain names are short and to the point. While you may be tempted to register an extremely long domain name, or a domain that has dashes in between the words, this type of domain is very hard for people to remember. If your visitors do not bookmark your page, they may never be able to find you again if they cannot remember your name.

Relying on search engines or links to take care of this problem is not an adequate solution. It can be very difficult to get a high ranking in search engines, and your lost visitors may give up before they find you again.

Easy to Spell ’ This point is connected with our first point. If your visitors can’t spell your domain name, they will either come up with a blank page, or someone else’s site. This can be disastrous for a small business or a family friendly site. If your visitors accidentally type in the wrong address, they may be taken to an adult site or a site that is not in line with your normal content. Many Internet users may not realize that their misspelling was to blame.

Optimized for Success – Search engines are now using domain names in their ranking process. If you can register a domain that contains several popular key words, you may be able to get ahead of your competition in the search engine wars. Search engine ranking is vital if you want to attract new visitors to your site.

You can combine popular key words that fit with your site into a phrase that makes sense, so that both our first and second point are met. Even though you are using key words, these words should still be easy to spell and remember.

Describe what You Do ’ Many people make the mistake of purchasing a domain name that is either their own personal name or their company name. For a new company or a person who is not renowned, this will not help new visitors find your site. While it is important to register the first type of domain name, to make sure no one else does, it is also important to find a domain that will describe what you intend to do with your site. For example, instead of, you could register This way, you are describing what you do, instead of what you are.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:51 PM

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