FiveCubed hosting features both free and paid hosting plans. If you don’t need a lot of space, their free plan offers 125 megs of disk space and a little over a gig of datatransfer, which is pretty decent, considering that it is free. 1 MySQL database and 1 FTP account are included with the free plan, but you won’t get any email addresses or any other frills. Still, this is a great option for a small personal site that can really save you a lot of money. There are several paid hosts that offer about the same features, so it is a good deal.

Their paid plans range in price from $3 to $19 per month. For this review, we’ll be looking at their Package D plan, which is currently priced at $10 per month. There is no set-up fee and they offers some great incentives for paying for more than one month of hosting at a time. Currently, their quarterly hosting fee for this plan is just $27, while the annual billing option is just $80, so you’ll effectively get four months free if you elect to go with this option. In addition, FiveCubed also offers a free domain name registration if you do select the yearly billing option.

This plan offers 1 gig of disk space and 10 gigs of monthly data transfer, which is reasonable given the monthly price. Ten seems to be the magic number for this plan, since you’ll ten each of MySQL databases, email addresses, FTP accounts and mailing lists. This plan will also allow you to host ten domains, which makes it a great fit for a very small reseller business or a designer that needs extra space to host client’s sites.

The available information about this plan ends here, which is unfortunate. You can expect a lack of info when it comes to bare-bones free hosting sites, but when you’re looking to pay for your web hosting, most customers expect to know a little bit more about what they’re purchasing. No mention is made of any available technical support, and all they offer for contact information is an email address.

Keeping this in mind, it’s hard to recommend the paid versions of their hosting plans, but it may be a good idea to try out the free plan first, to see what you’re getting into. This company would have received a higher overall ranking if they had included a little more information about their hosting plans and put a little more effort into their overall site design, broken links and tech support options.

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Posted on 06/16/06 2:15 AM

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