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Fortune City has really expanded their hosting offerings beyond their free site plans and has built some plans that are well priced and designed to suit a variety of different needs. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their Business plan, which would be a good fit for a small or medium sized company looking to get their online presence started on a budget.

This plan starts at $14.99 and offers 3 gigs of disk space and 144 gigs of monthly data transfer. It’s a little strange to see such an odd number for a bandwidth allotment, but these amounts are quite generous given the monthly price. Most small businesses should have more than enough room with these limits and it should even allow them to grow without running out of space. One downside is the amount of email accounts, which is currently limited to 30.

Several features are included that will help you run your business better. A shopping cart is provided, as well as an EasyLiveChat module that will allow you to set up a customer help line right on your website. This is a very nice feature and one that isn’t commonly included with ecommerce plans. In addition, an ecBuilder is provided to help you set up your store and you’ll also find a site builder to help you get the rest of your site up and running. 300 templates are included with this builder and you’ll also get access to over 2000 templates thanks to their Pro-Template Gallery which is included with this plan.

SitePromoter is offered and you’ll also find a variety of different tools such as an Appointment Scheduler and many other helpful options. A file restore option is offered that will help you restore the included daily back-ups if necessary. One thing that is not mentioned is whether any databases are included with this plan. However, since this plan seems to be geared towards beginners, that might explain it. If you do need a database for your site, you may want to contact their sales department for more information.

One thing that is noticeably lacking is any information on available techical support options. A toll-free number is listed at the top of their page, but there is no indication on whether it is intended for sales inquiries only or if it can be used for technical assistance. Other than this failing, this is a great plan for beginners and mid-level businesses that need a little extra help getting their sites functional.

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